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Our Friendly 2 & 4-legged Staff :)

"Spirit Elizabeth"

"Spirit", our Goodwill Ambassador and Canine Therapist,
enjoys visiting schools, churches and retirement/nursing homes.


"Spirit's Story"

She was skinny, scared and scarred when Animal  Control brought this precious little dog into our  veterinary hospital with 2nd and 3rd degree burns  on over 40% of her body. These burns were  deliberately inflicted by her "owner" and as far as  we could discern, were the result of a boiling liquid (oil, coffee, etc.) being poured on her.  We went to court for 3 months trying to get this person to pay for what he did, but the only witness to this crime did not show up to testify. 

The judge ordered the accused to pay $25 and to serve 10 days in jail with 7 days suspended. 

Spirit endured many weeks of therapy at the S.P.C.A. which must have been so painful to her burned body, but not once did she show any aggression...only licks to everyone who worked on her.  She was adopted by Dr. Poage & Denise, and is now our hospital ambassador for abused pets. 

She has enjoyed participating in agility, flyball and basically, any activity that involves interaction with people and balls!  We love her and feel so blessed that she came our way - she has truly touched every person that has met her with her humble and "every day is a party" personality!

(For her "before" & "after" photos, click on Spirit's Page)


"Spirit" Visits Edinburgh Square




"Spirit" Visits Monterey Elementary School



"Tucker" & "Fancy"


Two furry members of our staff are "Fancy" and "Tucker", two fortunate felines that were "rescued" in 2000 from a garbage bag found in the woods of a local golf course.  (Thank goodness our rescuer couldn't hit straight!)  They spend their days relaxing in the play room, giving physical therapy to one of our favorite little "Dusty" dogs, and sometimes they even donate their blood to help other patients. 


Dugadoo IMG_8263a_1.JPG

"WHISKERS" - A Tribute
Our friend "Whiskers", one of our favorite staff members, passed away on August 18, 1999, after bravely fighting a chronic illness.  We all enjoy remembering him and his antics, and will always hold him in our hearts. Here is an example of why we loved him so much...his zany personality!
"Once again I was left out...so I'll write my own bio. I'm "Whiskers", the 3 legged hospital cat.  My hobbies are playing with my girlfriend, Tina, following everyone around after my medicine until someone finally gives me a can of Friskies (I prefer the turkey giblets flavor, just so you know), smacking puppies and aggravating dogs.  That's me...I love all who feed me!"

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